2017 Movie Rundown

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Loss…and the Founder can’t lose, as it wasn’t nominated or widely viewed in cinema seats, but what a tremendous Keaton feat, Michael marches up and down the golden arches as Birdie the Birdie Birdman tweets.  

Mighty Casey Squarepants lives in a Manchester By the Sea. Cause and Affleckted is the way to be or not to be. Separate his dirty laundry from the New Hamp, for now it’s an unclear accusal. Licketty split, enjoy this Loneragan flick getting my seal of approval.
Win…big. Wager bigger. Barbies in the closest and retired GIJoes are not as brave Hidden Figures. Spencer dispenses rights as Monae engineers with delight to have Henson orchestrate flights while Parsons does a big bang up job finally playing someone we don’t like. 

D Fences- more of a palpable hit onstage. D livers and livens beyond the incomparable page. Watching and Washingtons of Wilson’s wonders brings me back to the Glory days. Violins don’t act as well as Viola plays.

Paper beats rock but Gosling and Stone cut rugs and show stop, charming more than lucky leprechauns sucking blow pops. LA LA Lands more than outta control drone robots in heavy traffic spots.

A full one may be good for box-office grosses and werewolf approaches, but the real gifts in seeing three stages of growing neuroses. Jenkins is well read, you can be too, in Moonlight Black Boys Look Blue. If you need it – get help, on a journey in finding your authentic self.

What would it say if I Googled Earth from another planet? Can’t say I peter pan it, cuz I’d be Lion if I said I saw it, just didn’t have much time, but no offense to Dev and Rooney, this Leo’s got no Zodiax to grind. 

To Hell and Highwater hydrates the Texas thirst for greed. Pine turns water into wine as Foster bleeds. Jeff Bridges the gap, a Western well acted on tap, suspensefully dense, its tense bits attention demanding, flick sticks the landing, forget reclining, I watched the entire movie while standing. 

Hacksaw Ridge wasn’t a horror film till after Schenkkan and Knight wrote it, Gibson and Duggan made sure every scene was fully loaded, even though Garfield avoids guns like a fitness phobic, almost demoted, for the most part stays out of harms way as Doss saved lives like 75gb hard drives waving his right to bear arms while in play.

Arrival goes north by northwest, who knew aliens text. Adams unstuck knows what comes next, she’s a Billy Pilgrim interpreting curlycue emojis that Renner respects. Peace be with these heaven centipedes, a wall won’t keep out a space craft filled with otherworldly refugees

My 2016 Oscar (bone to) Picks:

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Filmed Black Lives Matter too! Spike Lee’s sick that they’re not,
There exclusion’s the real Big Short,
like Ed Grimley on an apple-box.

Creed Horror Picture Show deserved an Oscar Nod,
but Southpaw had a slightly better boxer bod.

And go see Anomalisa or checkout time will pass,
grabbed a coffee then Hateful Eight 1/2 a Danish Girl,
but didn’t last.

A womb’s a slightly better room than the room in Room.
The Martian had more gravity than Gravity,
but less than the moon.

Leo got a bit more than a Boo-Boo as the Revenant returns.
In the Jeff Bridges of Spies, Lebowski and Crazy Heart take turns.

Hulk’s green with envy at Mad Max on Nick Fury’s Road.
Hardy hardly speaks, while Charlize practically explodes.

Is Brooklyn in the house? I dunno, didn’t see it.
If there was a Spotlight in the attic, did Woody Allen flee it?

J Law usually mops up at award shows.
Will there be another Steve Jobs (movie)? Lord knows.

Best of 2012 Film Stream Part One

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Favorite Movies of the Year You Might Have Missed (That Haven’t Made Too Many Best Of Lists)

Holy Motors
Secret World Of Arrietty
Cabin in the Woods
Seven Psychopaths
Safety Not Guaranteed

Me Streaming On My Best Films of the Year (Part One)

Any time I’ve been bearded I have been said to resemble our 16th president. One fourth score and four more years ago while in college an unshaven me was standing online for a train ticket frustrated with how slow my year had been going by when I noticed behind me a guy who looked as much as Lincoln as I, but twenty years my senior. We locked honest eyes and without speaking shared an emancipating moment between Abes. Daniel Day could probably play me better than me and you better than you, and easily embodied Abraham Lincoln more than any facial hair will ever do. A wonderful supporting cast as well played with stunning historical accuracy.

I could of spent a lifetime eating and reading pie/pi, but I sucked at math and my metabolism was too fast. The first five digits in the Life of Pi are attached to the hands of a grownup Pi Patel who takes us on an unforgettable journey of faith. Ang Lee filmed the seemingly un-film-able, best viewed with a cup of your favorite ice-cream, Life of Pi a la mode.

They will never willingly show Flight on a flight, but I’d still let Denzel safely land my plane. As Jaws made swimmers scared to swim, Flight made a few people, at least in the audience I saw the film with, scared to fly. Which factor contributes most to fears? Race, socioeconomic status, genetics, irrationality? I have never flown a plane nor been drunk on one. Goodman delights.

I always appreciate when works of art make bad dancing watchable and entertaining. Bradley Cooper showed impressive new range and Chris Tucker’s character was a refreshing change. I’d love to be Jennifer Lawrence’s running partner and to someday share a scene with this excellent actress. We Meet the Deniro we’ve previously seen, but from a more layered and emotionally rich perspective.  David Silver Linings Playbook might have spared Donna Summer the occasional heartbreak on 90210 and put Brian Austin Green into the cool kids club a tad earlier. Silver Surfer’s Linings Playbook would probably keep this celestial being in check with the perfect schematic in defeating Galactus. Silver Spoons Linings Playbook could be a Romney etiquette lesson in itself, performed infomercial-style by an enthusiastic Ricky Schroder.

Many in Cloud Atlas shrugged at the many weaving plot lines but I followed down the rabbit hole for a hare-raising, 24 carrot kaleidoscope of dopeness. My own Cloud Atlas might link a love of Dali with Rockwell, accumulating cumulists of all my greatest influences as i’ve consumed far more media than I have put out into this world. Seriously cirrus I have more Sirius satellites for ideas of what to do than doing. Here’s to a year of creative flourishes and shooting a custom-made Cloud Atlas into the sky.

Bond is falling, bond is falling, Chicken Little to do with saving the world, but Skyfall saved the franchise. I wanna visit Macao and learn from Javier Bardem. Sure I enjoy my life some, but sometimes it’s lacking in action. Petraeus anyone? Trust me-Bonds have more fun.

What if the Seven Psychopaths were dangerous dwarves for a modern day Snow White. I think I may have known one or two psychopaths in my day, lacking in empathy who thankfully have never been brutally violent when under the gun. I hope they find or have found peace through talking to someone. Best Walken speech since Pulp Fiction and a wonderful screenplay.

The theater experience itself plays as much part in watching Django Unchained as anything else. I saw it in the south in a predominantly all black theater, while my good friend checked it out in Utah with a relatively conservative mostly white crowd. I laughed at parts I found funny and awed at others like I would for any film, but was conscious throughout on how it was being perceived by others among me who seemed to take their cues from others on how to react to moments of bold language, viscous violence and character conundrums. How might the movie been different if Mike Tyson played Django and instead of shooting everyone, beat them senseless with his fists? Or Will Smith neuralizing Don Johnson and Dicaprio of their wicked ways. By the way, Men In Black Face, awful idea for a movie, but could Robert Downey Junior have pulled off a convincing Django? Sam Jackson Djanogo-goed in A Time To Kill, rifling the Mississippi racist rapists but does a complete 180 in this film as morally harsh house slave Stephen. Interesting as hell to have Christoph Waltz playing Nazi sympathizer in one film and equality for all advocate in the next each with stunning results and to have Jamie Foxx as the arrogant Willie Beaman on Any Given Sunday suddenly play the sharp tongued, silent D but deadly Django.

To be continued.